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  1. This produced identical PBG structures for TE and TM modes.
  2. The resonance frequencies are different for TE and TM modes.
  3. Horizontal edges are parallel to the H field and excite TM modes.
  4. Therefore, according to the known expressions of the characteristic admittances of the TM modes, we have:
  5. :: : TM mode = transverse magnetic mode, meaning that there can be a longitudinal electric field along the waveguide.
  6. In free space you normally only get TEM modes, so the waveguide is what allows there to be TE or TM modes.
  7. Hollow metallic waveguides filled with a homogeneous, isotropic material ( usually air ) support TE and TM modes but not the TEM mode.
  8. Incident signals containing TM modes above a certain frequency can generate modes which propagate along the longitudinal slots with the slots themselves acting as waveguides.
  9. Fortunately, the desired mode is a TM mode with reference to the horizontal x direction, along which the equivalent transmission line has been adopted.
  10. The lowest cutoff TM mode is TM 11 ( shown in figure 2 ) which is \ scriptstyle \ sqrt 5 times the dominant mode in 2 : 1 waveguide.

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