timbre meaning in Hindi

timbre sentence in Hindi
• लय
• स्वरूप
• बाजे की आवाज
• स्वर विशेषता

• ध्वनि-गुणता
• ध्वनि-स्वरूप
• ध्वनि-स्‍वरूप
• ध्वनिरूप
• रणन
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  1. A small program now is using screening officers to watch travelers for suspicious behavior. “It may be the only thing I know of that favors the human solution instead of technology,” says TSA chief Kip Hawley. The people-based program-called Screening Passengers by Observation Technique, or SPOT-began undergoing tests at Boston's Logan Airport after 9/11 and has expanded to about a dozen airports. Trained teams watch travelers in security lines and elsewhere. They look for obvious things like someone wearing a heavy coat on a hot day, but also for subtle signs like vocal timbre, gestures and tiny facial movements that indicate someone is trying to disguise an emotion. TSA officers observe passengers while consulting a list of more than 30 questionable behaviors, each of which has a numerical score. If someone scores high enough, an officer approaches the person and asks a few questions. “All you know is there's an emotion being concealed. You have to find out why the emotion is occurring,” says Paul Ekman, a San Francisco psychologist who pioneered work on facial expressions and is informally advising the TSA. “You can find out very quickly.”
    पश्चिम में बहुत बड़ी मात्रा में आंतकवादी अरबी या आप्रवासी नहीं हैं . इनमें वे लोग आते हैं जो धर्मान्तरण से पहले रियान अंडरसन , डेविड वेल्फिल्ड . विली ब्रिगिटी, जेरोम और डेविड कोरटेलर , माइकल क्रिश्चियन गनजार्सिकी , क्लीमेंट रोडनी हैंपटन एल , मार्क फिडेलकूल्स , जोस पडीला, एडम पर्लमैन, रिचर्ड रीड , पियरे रॉबर्ट , जैक रॉक और स्टीवन स्मीरेक हुआ करते थे. ये धर्मान्तरित पश्चिम में पले बढ़े, पश्चिमी भाषायें बोल सकते हैं, स्थानीय खेलों के नायकों को जानते हैं और इनमें से कुछ तो गोरे भी थे.


  1. (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound); "the timbre of her soprano was rich and lovely"; "the muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet"
    synonyms:, ,

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