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  1. Early fabric survives including timber lined ceilings and the cedar main staircase.
  2. The main hall has polished timber floors and high timber lined ceilings.
  3. The timber lining throughout the building varies according to the building's growth.
  4. The rooms are all timber lined, some with original ceiling roses.
  5. Cottonwood Branch was so named on account of cottonwood timber lining its banks.
  6. Georgia-Pacific has already issued a tracker stock for its timber line of business.
  7. Just above the timber line, the park ranger's Chevy Suburban barred the way.
  8. Internally, the timber lined church has been painted white, incorporating a stained timber framework.
  9. "Hymenoxys brandegeei " grows at elevations of in the mountains, often above timber line.
  10. The timber lined ceiling of eight triangular panels falls towards the centre of the rotunda.
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  1. line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes

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