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• तान दंड
• संयोजी छड
tie:    गांठ बराबर अंको पर
rod:    मछली की बंसी चाबुक
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  1. The current redirect does not permit identification of the Tie rod article.
  2. Two steel tie rods connect the roof structure above the wall level.
  3. The roof structure incorporates iron tie rods below a coved timber boarded ceiling.
  4. Tie rods were added in 1930 to brace the spandrel walls.
  5. The tie rods are now one of their favorite details in the house.
  6. A single tie rod connects the left and right axle assemblies.
  7. The roof framing is supported on hammerbeam brackets with tie rods.
  8. Two metal tie rods restrain the sanctuary walls at eave level.
  9. In later years the tie rods were replaced by strap bolts.
  10. Several archways have timber bracing, and tie rods are visible throughout the building.
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  1. either of two rods that link the steering gear to the front wheels

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