tidy sum meaning in Hindi

tidy sum sentence in Hindi
• राशि
• ढेर
tidy:    ठीक-ठाक करना पात्र
sum:    सारांश धनराशि
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  1. That will still leave Burns'heirs with a tidy sum.
  2. That can amount to a tidy sum for the teams.
  3. A tidy sum then, though it also covered food and lodging.
  4. Get to the Final Four and you've made a tidy sum.
  5. His explanation was that he had inherited a tidy sum from his parents.
  6. Microsoft was recently fined a tidy sum of money.
  7. Stubberfield then sold AVIA to REEBOK by the late 1980s for a tidy sum.
  8. It appeared to be a cynical attempt at earning the organising committee a tidy sum.
  9. They'd make some gold, sell it and make a nice tidy sum.
  10. But it's still a tidy sum, she said, and a welcome benefit.
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