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  1. I don't care if we're playing tiddly winks.
  2. It could be for tiddly-winks, and you would have a fierce battle,
  3. Well, the Lady Aggies and Lady Longhorns aren't playing for tiddly-winks.
  4. If the Rangers played tiddly-winks in Seattle right now, they'd choke on that, too.
  5. It was set on the Dorset coast in " Tiddly Cove ", actually the coast between Bournemouth and Swanage.
  6. For example, if Tiddly Tom was to place this template he would place onto the new members'talk page.
  7. "We don't worry about people getting hurt, because this isn't tiddly-winks,"
  8. The area is served by one Public House officially known as The Royal Oak, the establishment is known locally as The Tiddly
  9. Miller, sitting alone in a bar, was approached by a well-tailored, slightly tiddly fellow who addressed him thus:
  10. But back away fast once you've rolled the ball, because the trap could tiddly-wink it back at you.
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  1. slightly intoxicated

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