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  1. The femur measured around, the tibiotarsus, and the tarsometatarsus.
  2. The tibiotarsus was about 30 % longer than the femur.
  3. It is the distal end of a left tibiotarsus.
  4. The tibiotarsus has a narrower internal glenoid fossa of mammals ) is more protruded.
  5. By 1925, Miller had assigned three more tarsometatarsi and an incomplete tibiotarsus to the genus.
  6. In the pelvis, the tarsals are never fused in a separate astragalocalcaneum; a tibiotarsus is formed.
  7. The lower leg is relatively long with the tibiotarsus having 137 % of the length of the thighbone.
  8. It resembles the lanner falcon but is darker overall, and has blackish " trousers " ( tibiotarsus feathers ).
  9. The adults showed a greater degree of skeletal fusion in the tarsometatarsus and tibiotarsus, and also more prominent muscle scars.
  10. At the knee joint, the femur connects to the tibiotarsus ( shin ) and fibula ( side of lower leg ).
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