throttle valve meaning in Hindi

throttle valve sentence in Hindi
• उपरोधक कपाटिका
• कुचलना वल्व

• उपरोधी वाल्व
throttle:    नली वाल्व टेंटुआ
valve:    द्वार वाल्व कपाट
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  1. There are also throttle valves under the control of the driver.
  2. This means that a mixture of gas and liquid leaves the throttling valve.
  3. The inlet had a secondary throttle valve sandwiched underneath the primary throttle body.
  4. Speed was controlled by means of a throttle valve lever.
  5. The pilot valve is always larger in flowrate than the filling through the throttle valve.
  6. This required the use of a throttle valve in the steam supply, controlled by the governor.
  7. The N360 / N600 controlled gear changes by balancing a throttle valve and a centrifugal valve.
  8. Usually, the throttle valve is controlled with a throttle pedal or lever via a direct mechanical linkage.
  9. This could be obtained at a throttle valve located downstream of the evaporator section of the boiler.
  10. The rear pump pressures were modified by a throttle valve, and transmission is applied to ensure positive engagement.
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  1. a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

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