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सूचना सिद् धांत
सूचना सिद्धांत
theory:    वाद विद्या
theory of:    जनसंख्या संरचना
of:    स् का की पर बाबत
information:    आरोप खबर ख़बर
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  1. These can be considered early results in the theory of information-based complexity.
  2. This theory of information metabolism is built upon an analogy to biological metabolism.
  3. I subscribe, however, to the mondo-neo-Marxist theory of information-age class conflict.
  4. A variety of theories of information behavior  e . g.
  5. His research is focused on quantum optics, the quantum theory of information and quantum many-body physics.
  6. And yet their contributions to the theory of information and incentives were pretty much the same.
  7. Dretske offers the following theory of information:
  8. Psychological features such as attention, interests, memory and motivation are components of this theory of information metabolism.
  9. Rumelhart ( 1980 ), working in conjunction with others, developed the schema theory of information processing and memory.
  10. The first year covers the different theories of information and communication, the history, sociology and economics of the media.
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