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  1. Without treatment, victims of thalassemia major usually die before the age of five.
  2. Previously, most victims of the severest form of the disease, thalassemia major, died as toddlers.
  3. Bone marrow transplantation is the only cure and is indicated for patients with severe thalassemia major.
  4. Beta-thalassemia major is an inherited blood disease in which marrow cells obtained from the patient in June 2007.
  5. In September it was announced that an 18-year-old male patient in France with beta-thalassemia major had been successfully treated.
  6. To replace their hemoglobin shortfall, people with thalassemia major need to be treated with blood transfusions every three or four weeks.
  7. Severely anemic fetuses, including those with Rh disease and alpha thalassemia major, can be treated with blood transfusions while still in the womb.
  8. Total loss called, thalassemia major or beta-0-thalassemia, is due to mutation in both alleles, and this results in failure to form beta chain of haemoglobin.
  9. Oh Tze Sun needed new blood stem cells because he was born with thalassemia major _ a genetic blood disease which results in chronic anemia.
  10. The first study, which takes place in July 2012, has begun recruiting human subjects with thalassemia major, the study is set to end in 2014.


  1. a fatal form of homozygous thalassemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin; skeletal deformations; heart and spleen and liver enlarged
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