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  1. Texture gradient was used in a study of child psychology in 1976 and studied by Sidney Weinstein in 1957.
  2. Texture gradient is carefully used in the painting " Paris Street, Rainy Day " by Gustave Caillebotte.
  3. Thin film growers thus require information about the texture profile or the texture gradient in order to optimize the deposition process.
  4. In 2000, a paper about the texture gradient equation, wavelets, and shape from texture was released by Maureen Clerc and St�phane Mallat.
  5. The determination of texture gradients by x-ray scattering, however, is not straightforward, because different depths of a specimen contribute to the signal.
  6. Other cues also play a part in distance perception; among these are perspective, texture gradients, and motor cues ( when we reach out to touch an object, we acquire information about how far away it is .)
  7. After the war ended, Gibson returned to Smith College for a short period of time where he began writing his first book, " The Perception of the Visual World, " in which he discussed visual phenomena such as retinal texture gradient and retinal motion gradient.
  8. "Rendering quality " is generally not a problem for modern MotionParallax3D displays, however, the high detalization of rendering and the use of special effects allow psychological mechanisms for volume perception such as texture gradient, shading, etc . and they help increase the reality of the perception.
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