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• वस्त्र रेशा
textile:    वस्र कपड़ा कपड़ा
fibre:    तन्तु तार प्रकृति
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  1. The spinning mule spins textile fibres into yarn by an intermittent process.
  2. These include include textile fibres and general industrial machinery.
  3. Whinfield and his assistant James Tennant Dickson investigated other types of polymers with textile fibre potential.
  4. Borregaard ChemCell also produces cellulose for textile fibres, plastic products and a variety of paper qualities.
  5. They also said the Mounties have samples of blood, textile fibres and clothing that could be used as evidence.
  6. Similar abilities often transfer well between different varieties of needlework, such as fine motor skill and a knowledge of textile fibres.
  7. The standard describes a procedure to detect EU banned aromatic amines derived from azo colorants in textile fibres, including natural, man-made, regenerated, and blended fibres.
  8. However, reduction in alkaline liquor produces the water-soluble alkali metal salt of the dye, which, in this leuco form, has an affinity for the textile fibre.
  9. A large textile fibre plant was constructed by Courtaulds near the Humber bank in the late 1950s, and near the boundary with Great Coates a large industrial estate, Europarc, was established in the 1990s.
  10. This year's May Day did not attract her more than any other day in the year, since she spends most of her days seeking compensation for the disease, byssinosis, which she contracted from inhaling textile fibre dust during her thirty years at the factory.
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