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  1. Further long-term tests should be undertaken, they said.
  2. No adverse side effects were noticed during the short-term tests.
  3. Long-term tests were conducted evaluate comparable cost efficiency.
  4. Instead, the conflict has turned into long-term test of wills.
  5. Evaluation comprises mid-term tests and final examinations.
  6. The longer-term test of the automatic gave me 17 miles per gallon.
  7. Edmunds'InsideLine received a 2010 Fusion Hybrid as a long-term test car.
  8. That car had relatively few sample defects and proved reliable over a long-term test.
  9. Gills threatens to fire Shoop unless his students pass the end-of-term test.
  10. The short-term and long-term tests each cost about $ 30, officials said.

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