tellers meaning in Hindi

tellers sentence in Hindi
• टेलर
• गणक
• टेलर
• बोलने वाला
• बैंक का रोकड़िया
• बैंक में रुपया लेने या देने वाला
• कहानी कहने वाला
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  1. "Is that it ? " the teller asked.
  2. It gives people an incentive to use ATMs instead of tellers.
  3. These cash machines work like the automated tellers used by customers.
  4. Automated teller machines and other computerized equipment work cheaper than people.
  5. A cash withdrawal costs 50 cents at an automated teller machine.
  6. They show little sympathy or understanding for anyone but the teller.
  7. The event features the spoken-word ensemble Tellers and Talkers.
  8. Children chatter on the Internet and automatic teller machines are ubiquitous.
  9. The map can even help you locate an automatic teller machine.
  10. Costumes and props help identify the teller, or the material.
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