telephone box meaning in Hindi

telephone box sentence in Hindi
टेलीफ़ोन बूथ
टेईफ़ोन बॉक्स
telephone:    दूर भाषण यंत्र
box:    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
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  1. The modern QR telephone box and its supporting infrastructure are not significant.
  2. The town contains ten homes, the pub, and a working telephone box.
  3. The song is about a red telephone box in Meols, north ejaculations.
  4. It had a wooden shelter, a telephone box and a water tank.
  5. A red telephone box under the bridge is also a listed building.
  6. There is a small church, a telephone box and a Post box.
  7. There is a working farm, a red telephone box and a church.
  8. However, Bean has left his wallet, passport and ticket on the telephone box.
  9. The main telephone box in the KX range is the KX100.
  10. Dan is then seen walking away from a nearby telephone box.
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  1. booth for using a telephone
    synonyms:, , ,

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