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• अश्रु वाहिनी
tear:    विंदु आँसू
duct:    नलिका नाली मोरी
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  1. He cut me down to the bone and damaged the tear duct,
  2. X-rays showed the bullet had entered just below the right tear duct.
  3. There they will destroy the Nucleus and escape through a tear duct.
  4. At that, it's uncertain whether there was damage to the tear duct.
  5. His 14-month-old daughter, Mattie, underwent eye surgery to create a tear duct Wednesday.
  6. By now, the collective tear ducts of the Kuehne family are nearly spent.
  7. "If I had tear ducts, I would've teared up, " he told reporters.
  8. There are methods to partially or completely close the tear ducts.
  9. Ty also lost his tear duct, replaced by a prosthesis.
  10. It turned me into a single, oversized, overproductive tear duct.
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  1. any of several small ducts that carry tears from the lacrimal glands

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