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• कराश्रय
tax:    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
shelter:    शरणस्थान आसरा
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  1. Corporate tax shelters often are wrongly confused with loopholes and corporate welfare.
  2. Baucus pressed for specific measures of Treasury's success in stopping tax shelters.
  3. The Clinton administration says corporate tax shelters are spreading out of control.
  4. Roth also has pushed hard for extending IRAs and other tax shelters.
  5. The tax shelter benefits result in a tax incidence disadvantaging the poor.
  6. The appearance of the latest tax shelters raises old questions of fairness.
  7. ST . PAUL, Minn . _ Some give as a tax shelter.
  8. -- Require companies to register corporate tax shelters with the Treasury Department.
  9. Democrats contend they are a tax shelters for the healthy and wealthy.
  10. One witness dismissed the idea that corporate tax shelters were a problem.
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  1. a way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings

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