tax effort meaning in Hindi

tax effort sentence in Hindi

tax:    चुंगी टैक्स दाम
effort:    कोशिश चेष्टा जोर
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  1. The exceptions applied for were grandfathered debt and Maintenance of Local Tax Effort.
  2. Efforts to reduce national debt include increasing tax efforts and decreasing government spending.
  3. But the unified tax effort has plenty of detractors, too.
  4. The net tax efforts will yield Tk 350 crore.
  5. The exceptions applied for include : grandfathered debt, pension costs and maintenance of Local Tax Effort.
  6. Faced with repeated threats of a veto by Governor Jeanne Shaheen, however, the income tax effort died.
  7. Therefore this criterion is considered to be more comprehensive for fiscal efficiency than The Tax effort criterion.
  8. In the meantime, the fate of the 1986 tax effort offers a cautionary tale for those who may try again.
  9. But state Rep . Todd Smith, R-Euless, said Ratliff's plan would end up providing some districts with additional revenue for the same tax effort.
  10. To counter these pro-tax efforts, the American Beverage Association and other beverage industry companies have established an " Americans Against Food Taxes " coalition and website.
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