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  1. The maid fixed me an omelet and fried up some taters.
  2. "Hey, Tater Head ! " he says.
  3. Doesn't let a single sun ray hit those taters.
  4. Plate tater tots in rows until the entire casserole is covered.
  5. But residents there weren't as fond of the tater.
  6. The maid fixed me some French toast and fried up some taters.
  7. To accompany your steak you have a choice of taters or grain.
  8. A side order of tater tots goes for 85 cents.
  9. Not that being a spokespud is new turf for this'tater.
  10. They might be fine with chicken patties and tater tots.
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  1. an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland
    synonyms:, , , ,

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