tape reader meaning in Hindi

tape reader sentence in Hindi

टेप पठित्र
tape:    टेप डोरी तसमा
reader:    रीडर पाठ्यपुस्तक
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  1. In other cases, the tape readers will provide output on a parallel-wire basis.
  2. The job would be read in from a paper tape reader.
  3. Peripherals included punched tape readers, punched card readers, and line printers.
  4. A tape reader, controlled by the Baudot distributor, then replaced the manual keyboard.
  5. Data could be read from the paper tape reader or from the Teletype keyboard.
  6. It used vacuum tubes, a magnetic drum, and punched paper tape readers and punchers.
  7. The only electrical bits were the motor and tape reader.
  8. An optional higher speed paper tape reader and punch was available as a separate peripheral.
  9. One of their most popular was the RC 2000 paper tape reader, introduced in 1963.
  10. Peripherals included paper tape reader and punch, and teleprinter.
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