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  1. Each has his favorite talisman, and each gets different results.
  2. Talisman, based in Calgary, Alberta, owns 35 percent.
  3. Talisman said it currently owns 1.05 million Wascana shares.
  4. Talisman finally decided not to top Canadian Occidental's offer.
  5. Talisman made its offer to buy Wascana on Feb . 12.
  6. Talisman has a favorable production outlook and a strong financial condition.
  7. NFL propaganda depicts its franchises as talismans of quality and prosperity.
  8. That reflection staring back at her seems to be a talisman.
  9. $150 _ A talisman that casts advantageous spells when rubbed.
  10. We arranged these talismans in the nursery to ward off panic.

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