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  1. American beef exports are used mainly for table cuts.
  2. Between each of these sets are star-like ornaments of triangular and square table cut diamonds.
  3. Each is made from two tables cut cross-wise, then joined into a fairly normal yet somewhat deformed four-legged structure.
  4. The circlet is ornamented with six sets of table cut diamonds between two large round pearls with enameled putti on either side.
  5. The circlet of the crown is divided in four by two large sapphires, a flat one that can be traced back to table cut diamonds.
  6. Family treasures, such as an old coffee table cut down from a library table, share space with Garrett's colorful, handpainted pieces made with pine and alder.
  7. "A lot of officials . . . just want things to take care of themselves, " he said, as women at tables cut the stems off black mushrooms.
  8. Nevertheless, her quiet composure commands attention : A waiter hovers nearby, and a woman at an adjacent table cuts off a conversation mid-sentence, playing with her food and pretending not to listen.
  9. At the top of the orb is a smaller orb in blue enamel and covered with stars, above which is a small cross formed of a table cut diamond surrounded by three pearls.
  10. The crown on the shield is a heraldic construction based on the Christian IV . The main difference from the real crown is that the latter is covered with " table cut " diamonds rather than pearls.
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