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  1. T - junction box t
  2. Underground lighting in hardcoal mining - lighting - technological planning bases - part 3 : t - junctions
  3. The convergent properties of the multimode method are discussed . finally a diplexer employing h - plane t - junction and preassigned e - plane metal - insert branching filters is given . and the scattering parameters of the un - optimized diplexer were obtained by the computer program
  4. Next , aiming at the state of the art in engineering turbulence models , one extended explicit algebraic reynolds stress model to simulate anisotropic buoyant turbulent flows . validation was done using experimental and other numerical results of turbulent thermal mixing in t - junction flows
  5. The impacts of both the velocity head and momentum distribution in the t - junction of a tailrace surge tank on the critical stable sectional area of the tank were analyzed by using gardel ' s empirical equations for t - junction flow . based on thoma ' s theory , a formula of the critical stable sectional area is derived . 5
  6. Five programs have been developed with the subroutines mentioned above . these programs are used to analyze rectangular waveguide inductive iris filters , rectangular waveguide e - plane metal - insert filters , h - plane rectangular waveguide right corners , h - plane rectangular waveguide t - junctions and waveguide diplexers , respectively
  7. Based on the head loss coefficients obtained from gardel ' s semi - empirical equations for t - junction flow and experiment of welded t - junction , the hydraulic characteristics of throttled surge tank are estimated and compared with those gotten from hydraulic experiment . 3 . four different methods of determining the head loss coefficients of throttled surge tank have been employed to investigate the effect of methods afore mentioned on the accuracy of calculating surge and pressure head of throttled surge tank
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