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  1. These routers have optional redundant power supplies for high system availability.
  2. It provides a comprehensive solution for business to ensure both system availability and secure content management.
  3. An alternative to fill rate, is system availability.
  4. These 15 stations provide nearly complete global coverage, including both poles, and system availability is 100 percent.
  5. The CoreBuilder 9000 system comes with the control and the high-system availability required for the core of enterprise networks.
  6. The "'Model 50 "'added fault tolerance to the single-node offering for organizations that require an extra level of system availability.
  7. Overall Equipment Effectiveness ( OEE ) is defined as the product between system availability, cycle time efficiency and quality rate.
  8. ILS is the integrated planning and action of a number of disciplines in concert with one another to assure system availability.
  9. These technologies are primarily focused on minimizing on-site I / T maintenance, maximizing system availability and performance to the local user.
  10. Storage analyst company, Enterprise Strategy Group, writes that scale-out storage can help to provide timely IT provisioning, improve system availability and provide better resource utilization.

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