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  1. They are koinobiont endoparasitoids of Syrphidae.
  2. Stackelberg specialised on Diptera notably Syrphidae.
  3. The side photo of the insect is certainly a fly, probably a hover fly, Family Syrphidae.
  4. The "'Syrphinae "'constitute one of the three subfamilies of the fly Syrphidae.
  5. These include members of the families Phytoseiidae, Coccinellidae, Syrphidae, Anthocoridae, Nabidae, and Miridae, Chrysopidae and Coniopterygidae.
  6. "' Eristalinae "'( or Milesiinae ) are one of the three subfamilies of the fly Syrphidae, or hoverflies.
  7. ""'Dasysyrphus tricinctus " "'is a european species of hoverfly in the genus Dasysyrphus, a member of the family Syrphidae.
  8. The hover fly ( Syrphidae ), or flower fly, that you may have seen looking for nectar among your flowers, also searches for the honeydew that aphids secrete.
  9. ""'Mallota " "'is a widely distributed Holarctic genus of hoverfly ( a member of the fly family Syrphidae ), well known for their bee-like appearance.
  10. The subfamily "'Microdontinae "'contains slightly more than 400 species of hoverflies ( family Syrphidae ) and, while diverse, these species share several characteristics by which they differ from other syrphids.

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