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  1. The fused mandibular symphysis might indicate a relation with the Marginocephalia.
  2. The unfused mandibular symphysis reaches as far posteriorly as P 2.
  3. Between 13 and 15 teeth are on either side of the symphysis.
  4. Another primitive characteristic is the short symphysis of the mandible.
  5. In humans linea alba runs from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis.
  6. A deep groove incises the midline of the symphysis of the lower jaws.
  7. It consists of the rear end of a symphysis of the lower jaws.
  8. The front upper edge of the symphysis is sharp.
  9. The mandibular symphysis is also shown to have grown.
  10. A mandibular fragment corresponding to the dentary symphysis was found in natural occluding position.
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  1. a growing together of parts or structures
  2. an abnormal adhesion of two or more structures

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