swiftness meaning in Hindi

[ 'swiftnis ] sound:
swiftness sentence in Hindi
• तत्परता
• तेज़ी
• तेजी
• वेग
• सौष्ठव
• स्फुर्ति
• फुरतीलापन
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  1. So the competitive differentiation comes from swiftness to market and innovation.
  2. The swiftness with which this team has jelled is also frightening.
  3. A turnaround that hit with the swiftness of a lightning bolt.
  4. Clark compared the IRL cars'swiftness to F-16s.
  5. The swiftness with which the Mirage deal was consummated surprised analysts.
  6. Yet the swiftness of many Democrats to dismiss Gore was striking.
  7. The Ebola virus can kill hundreds of people with devastating swiftness.
  8. Yeltsin moved in on Central Bank with stunning swiftness on Wednesday.
  9. Swiftness, though, is also a Bulldogs'trait.
  10. With a startling swiftness, the lead was soon gone.
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  1. a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed"

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