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  1. Now what we hear is the sweet talk before the big fight.
  2. And sweet talk may not always get the result one hopes for.
  3. He tries to sweet talk her into believing that he had changed.
  4. Near the end, Barry White does a lot of seductive sweet talk.
  5. Sweet talk is the key ( with relationships ), " he says.
  6. They do their little sweet talk . ` It doesn't feel the same.
  7. Perhaps they are suckers for sweet talk ( " Good day, beautiful bear!
  8. King : Slugging and sweet talk with the one and only Babe Ruth.
  9. Sweet talk of " ex "-malicious users dont warrant my or yout attention.
  10. "They would come around with free beer and sweet talk, " he said.


  1. flattery designed to gain favor
    synonyms:, ,

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