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  1. He was hired in the surgical department of Lillehammer Hospital in 1947.
  2. It was equipped with 80 beds and a fully equipped surgical department.
  3. The maternity ward closed in 1993 and the surgical department in 1996.
  4. Under his stewardship, the hospital's surgical department became a leader in organ transplantation.
  5. Here he became a professor at the surgical department for pediatric surgery and orthopedics.
  6. The surgical department included Mr John Crichton who remained associated with the hospital until 1860.
  7. On 1 November 1939, transferred to the surgical department of the SS hospital in Berlin.
  8. He became the first head of the surgical department of the Brugmann hospital ( 1923 ).
  9. The operation was carried out personally by the head of surgical department of 71-year-old Ferdinand Sauerbruch.
  10. Soon after, the investigation into the suspected corruption within the General Surgical department was stepped up.

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