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सर्ज टंकी
surge:    बड़ी लहर तरंग मौज
tank:    तोप से सज्जित
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  1. Liquid condensed in this expansion is drained back to the surge tank.
  2. Surge tanks on each headrace tunnel help prevent water hammer.
  3. The pressure tunnel is long and it ends with a surge tank with capacity of.
  4. Penstocks for hydroelectric installations are normally equipped with a gate system and a surge tank.
  5. The surge tank has been carved from rock and is located from the first penstock.
  6. Both the tail-race and power plant intake are protected from water hammer by surge tanks.
  7. The surge tank is connected to plant by penstock.
  8. Liquid refrigerant is held in a low-pressure surge tank.
  9. Any condensed liquid is returned to the intermediate tank, the surge tank, or the supply tank.
  10. Warmed liquid is returned to the surge tank.
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