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  1. Consequently there is no surge line marked on a turbine map.
  2. So the recommended operation range is on the right side of the surge line.
  3. The stable range of operation for the compressor is on the right hand side of the surge line.
  4. Despite its youthful origins, the sonata has the strongest pull : Its long, surging lines are a dense, extravagant variation on Minimalism.
  5. The former makes the IP compressor surge line shallower, swinging it away from the shallow working line, thus improving IP compressor surge margin.
  6. "' Surge line "'is the line which connects the surge points ( S ) on each characteristic curve corresponding to different constant speeds.
  7. In the plot of pressure-flow rate the line separating graph between two regions-unstable and stable is known as the "'surge line " '.
  8. Consequently, the slope of effective surge line becomes shallower, in much the same way as closing variable stator vanes in a multi-stage compressor.
  9. If the unit had no variable geometry, there would be handling problems, because the surge line would be very steep and cross the working line at part-flow.
  10. The Kings stymied Nashville's surging line of Scott Walker, David Legwand and Steve Sullivan, who has five goals and five assists since being acquired from Chicago over a week ago.
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