such as it is meaning in Hindi

such as it is sentence in Hindi
जैसा भी है
such:    एसा ऐसा इतना इस ऐसा
such as:    जो कुछ जैसा कि जैसे
as:    की तरह जैसे ही पहले
as it is:    ऐसा लगता है कि जैसा
it:    वह इसे इसको इसक्
it is:    यह अनिवार्य है यह
is:    है
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  1. But first, the good news, such as it is.
  2. The race, such as it is, has been cheapened.
  3. Such as it is, here's our dream team:
  4. Real life ( such as it is ) goes on indoors.
  5. Even the sunlight, such as it is, is green.
  6. I came here to flaunt it, such as it is.
  7. A rematch, such as it is, comes Saturday night.
  8. This was the real thing, such as it is.
  9. Gramm opposes ending the war in Vietnam, such as it is.
  10. This current increase, such as it is, is broad based.

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