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  1. Once abundant fields now lay fallow and support only subsistence crops.
  2. Indians resisted cultivating sugarcane themselves, preferring to tend their subsistence crops.
  3. The other half could be used for subsistence crops.
  4. Sanga is a farming community consisting mainly of subsistence crop and livestock farming.
  5. Most settlers were farmers growing cotton or subsistence crops.
  6. Most of Chikosha's land sprouts maize, groundnuts and other subsistence crops.
  7. Maize is a key subsistence crop, on island's many small landholdings.
  8. Food had to be purchased at town markets, because farmers had abandoned subsistence crops.
  9. The fields provided the people with a subsistence crop of wheat, barley and lentils.
  10. Egypt's agricultural sector is still dominated by hoes, water buffaloes and subsistence crops.
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