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  1. However, they can claim travel costs and receive a subsistence allowance.
  2. The basic economy of the area is a subsistence allowance.
  3. About 10 percent of our state enterprises now pay only subsistence allowances to 400, 000 workers.
  4. He said this was to save on expenses such as travelling, lodging and subsistence allowances for staff.
  5. Manik Sarkar donates his CM salary and allowances to his party, which pays him as subsistence allowances.
  6. The funding extended to a contribution of around ?, 000 towards fees and a means-tested subsistence allowance.
  7. The Supreme Court decided ordered the government to the grant of subsistence allowance to the affected families.
  8. Throughout China, many state workers are being paid only a " subsistence allowance " because their factories are nearly bankrupt.
  9. Minimum wages and subsistence allowances were fixed for one year, while measures for miner s safety were increased and improved.
  10. Griffis wasn't convinced but offered Montague six months of " subsistence allowance " to see if the idea would take off.
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