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पट्टिका चार्ट अभिलेखी
strip:    कतरन खंड टुकड़ा
chart:    चित्र चित्र-पट
chart recorder:    चार्ट अभिलेखी
recorder:    लिखने वाला लेख्य
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  1. The first commercial devices ( medical strip chart recorders ) were introduced in 1951 by Siemens.
  2. Strip chart recorders have a long strip of paper that is ejected out of the recorder.
  3. Strip chart recorders with galvanometer driven pens may have a full scale frequency response of 100 Hz and several centimeters of deflection.
  4. In analog strip chart recorders such as used in electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs and polygraphs, galvanometer mechanisms were used to position the " pen ".
  5. Roll chart recorders are similar to strip chart recorders except that the recorded data is stored on a round roll, and the unit is usually fully enclosed.
  6. GFAA spectrometry instruments have the following basic features : 1 . a source of light ( lamp ) that emits resonance line radiation; 2 . an atomization chamber ( graphite tube ) in which the sample is vaporized; 3 . a monochromator for selecting only one of the characteristic wavelengths ( visible or ultraviolet ) of the element of interest; 4 . a detector, generally a photomultiplier tube ( light detectors that are useful in low-intensity applications ), that measures the amount of absorption; 5 . a signal processor-computer system ( strip chart recorder, digital display, meter, or printer ).
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