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  1. The strikebreakers will be marked men the rest of their careers.
  2. Navy personnel were also used as strikebreakers in the oil industry.
  3. Nativist sentiments were aggravated by the Greeks being hired as strikebreakers.
  4. Fistfights broke out whenever striking workers and strikebreakers encountered one another.
  5. Churchill suggested using four divisions of the Rhine Army as strikebreakers.
  6. Numerous workers, strikebreakers, policemen, and bystanders were injured.
  7. A riot began as the strikebreakers attempted to restore transit service.
  8. Strikebreakers opened fire on the crowd; four rioters were killed.
  9. In some cases, radical activists attacked houses of the strikebreakers.
  10. To counter hostile crowds, the line owners turned to strikebreakers.
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  1. someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike
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