stretcher bearer meaning in Hindi

stretcher bearer sentence in Hindi

स्ट्रेचर वाहक
stretcher:    पालकी विस्तारक
bearer:    बैरा वाहक वाही
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  1. Four Indonesians were booked and stretcher bearers shuttled frequently onto the pitch.
  2. Other ANZAC stretcher bearers began to emulate Simpson's use of the donkeys.
  3. Caiola served in the Battle of Iwo Jima as a stretcher bearer.
  4. He served as a stretcher bearer in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.
  5. Including acting as messengers, fire watchers, stretcher bearers, salvage collectors, etc.
  6. Three nursing orderlies, a clerk, a dutyman and thirteen stretcher bearers.
  7. With no one to evacuate, the stretcher bearers left the body on the field.
  8. John started a coal delivery business and returned to Lourdes as a stretcher bearer.
  9. During the truce, German sappers led the Australian stretcher bearers through the German-laid minefields.
  10. He was recovered by stretcher bearers from the Scots Guards.
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