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  1. Low stratus and stratocumulus commonly form underneath the main precipitating clouds.
  2. This model still has problems with regions of marine stratocumulus clouds.
  3. Stratocumulus duplicatus is common on species lenticularis or lenticular cloud.
  4. These marine stratocumulus clouds are thus typically proposed as the suited target.
  5. The experiment proves that man-made droplets can indeed seed stratocumulus clouds.
  6. If you see them in broken or puffy layers, they are stratocumulus clouds.
  7. Any showers from stratocumulus castellanus are not usually as heavy as those from cumulus congestus.
  8. "' Stratocumulus Lenticularis "'are separate flat elongated seed-shaped clouds.
  9. They are distinct from other stratocumulus by puffy tower-like formations atop the cloud layer.
  10. Stratocumulus cumulogenitus appear as lengthy sheet or as group of separate elongated cloud rolls or waves.

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