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  1. Isopach maps detail the variations in thickness of stratigraphic units.
  2. The Greenbrier Limestone is subdivided into six stratigraphic units.
  3. In modern stratigraphy, however, the name only applies to the stratigraphic unit.
  4. The stratigraphic unit known as the Morrison Formation was deposited during the Late Jurassic.
  5. Some stratigraphic units from Erciyes have been dated.
  6. The sedimentary sequence is over thick and is represented by the stratigraphic units listed below.
  7. In the field, gas accumulation is mostly limited to the Permian Triassic stratigraphic units.
  8. These occur across 18 stratigraphic units, particularly those with the stratigraphic names Frank and Darryl.
  9. Initially, the IADB only dealt with simple artefact records and stratigraphic unit or context records.
  10. At Jwalapuram Locality 9, five stratigraphic units provide a record of technological change throughout time.

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