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  1. Fieldwork was focused on identifying the New England stratigraphic sequence.
  2. The cave sits above the stratigraphic sequence of Palaeolithic and Neolithic origin.
  3. The generalized stratigraphic sequence in the Thar coalfield area is shown in table.
  4. A stone stratigraphic sequences excavated in southern Britain.
  5. The stratigraphic sequence was determined during 1953 1954.
  6. The stratigraphic sequence covers six distinct building phases.
  7. The stratigraphic sequence is firmly dated spanning the last 11, 700 cal years.
  8. Past International Team Competitions have included developing stratigraphic sequences, evaluating living on the Mt.
  9. While stratigraphic sequence is still preserved even after that, the trace fossil is not.
  10. The youngest craters or basins in a local stratigraphic sequence have the sharpest, crispest appearance.

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