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  1. Instead thrust faults generally cause a thickening of the stratigraphic section.
  2. Stratigraphic sections of rock from this period reveal numerous other changes.
  3. It is 600 m high and also has a Middle Jurassic stratigraphic section.
  4. In 2003, the recovery of a complete stratigraphic section across the site was completed.
  5. He also established a network of measured stratigraphic sections of the Rio Querecual in eastern Venezuela.
  6. It also provides techniques to estimate the completeness of a given stratigraphic section on a given timescale.
  7. In contrast to GSSAs, GSSPs are based on important events and transitions within a particular stratigraphic section.
  8. Techniques used to study surficial sedimentary rocks include : measuring stratigraphic sections, identifying sedimentary depositional environments and constructing a geologic map.
  9. Clastic rocks of provenance similar to the Barnett dominate the Pennsylvanian part of the stratigraphic section in the Bend Arch Fort Worth Basin.
  10. The base of the Danian is defined at the iridium anomaly which characterized the Cretaceous Paleogene boundary ( K T boundary ) in stratigraphic sections worldwide.

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