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storm cloud sentence in Hindi
खतरे के लक्षण
तूफ़ान का बादल
storm:    आंधी आक्रमण
cloud:    उलझन दुषित करना
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  1. Six months ago, storm clouds loomed on New York City's economic horizon.
  2. As the storm clouds approach, everybody gets swept up in the action.
  3. Rather, the concern is over political storm clouds taking shape in California.
  4. He pursues Betty up to the storm clouds, where he killed her.
  5. For GM and its workers, bad news is building like storm clouds.
  6. Then the storm clouds formed as they can only at Yankee Stadium.
  7. Higher frequencies do not reflect from the ionosphere, nor from storm clouds.
  8. He left the larger issue still hanging there like a storm cloud.
  9. So, when storm clouds threaten their agenda, any old port will do.
  10. However, this lightning doesn t descend from storm clouds in the sky.
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  1. a heavy dark cloud presaging rain or a storm

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