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  1. The storage effect can be caused by both temporal and spatial variation.
  2. Additionally, certain types of predators can produce a storage effect from predation.
  3. Some researchers mentioned the storage effect in urban areas.
  4. The first attempt made at quantifying the temporal storage effect was by C�ceres in 1997.
  5. Not surprisingly, being a coexistence mechanism, the storage effect helps species when they become rare.
  6. These models showed that generalist predators can undermine the benefits of the storage effect that from competition.
  7. Some researchers have mentioned the storage effect in urban areas with transportation corridors created by cut and fill.
  8. The storage effect mixes three essential ingredients to assemble a community of competing species that fulfill the requirement.
  9. As a result, the population of any rare species is able to grow due to the storage effect.
  10. It is a derivation of the temporal storage effect, but is very similar to the spatial storage effect.

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