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  1. Hard disks run into similar problems as storage densities rise.
  2. One method of increasing storage density has been to reduce the average grain volume.
  3. "The information storage density is much higher " at the molecular level, he said.
  4. Because of this refresh process, DRAM uses more power, but can achieve greater storage densities.
  5. This leads to higher total gravimetric uptake but lower volumetric storage density compared to MOF-5.
  6. Increasing storage density also lets companies make disk drives that are lighter and consume less energy.
  7. Additionally, millipede's physical medium stores a bit in a small area, leading to high storage densities.
  8. The thinner materials are slightly more sensitive, he said, but the tradeoff is reduced storage density.
  9. Such a device would achieve storage densities of one trillion bits of information per square centimeter.
  10. Hydrides chosen for storage applications provide low reactivity ( high safety ) and high hydrogen storage densities.

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