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  1. Lau, who does not speak Arabic, stared stonily into space.
  2. Cristillin sat next to Hodler, who stonily looked ahead.
  3. Simpson glared stonily at his neighbor as he testified.
  4. "I don't vote, " he said stonily.
  5. Rubinstein was sitting upright, his face stonily impassive.
  6. Views of Paris make the city seem stonily inert.
  7. North Korean soldiers are everywhere, stonily unresponsive to the visitors'waves.
  8. He sat stonily through its often brutal portrait of family life, laughing only occasionally.
  9. In a twist of fate, Cristillin sat next to Hodler, who looked ahead stonily.
  10. When questioned by reporters, he would dodge, change the subject or stonily refuse to answer.
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  1. in a stony manner; "stonily indifferent to time"
  2. in a stony manner; "stonily indifferent to time"

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