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  1. Pike, a stone faced cowboy, meets up with Tyree, a dishonest gambler.
  2. The segment can be distinguished by the stone facing on the overpasses.
  3. The church itself is of brick construction, with an external stone facing.
  4. The tripartite main entrance has a stone face and carved into it.
  5. Maybe you could change your name to The Four Stone Faces State.
  6. The hedge has two stone faces with soil between the two walls.
  7. There was nothing forced here, and the stone faces registered relief.
  8. Meanwhile, Stone faces Lorelei, and activates the anti-matter device still in her armour.
  9. Instead of being excited about Kittles's return, he was stone faced and disgruntled.
  10. Skipper Pollock stoned face told the picture more than his words.


  1. a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment

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