step principle meaning in Hindi

step principle sentence in Hindi

• सोपान-नियम सोपानी नियम
step:    कदम थोड़ी दूरी
principle:    मूल अंग कारण मूल
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  1. By adopting The Natural Step principles, Collins is working towards bringing sustainability to all their business operations.
  2. This is because the " fundamental principle " underpinning insolvency law is the " pari passu " or equal step principle.
  3. He expanded the step-by-step principle with " Learn to Sing Step by Step ", which he published with two cassette tapes ( now reissued as CDs ) in 1984.
  4. So there I was, about three months ago, waiting my turn to discuss my Higher Power after a day of meetings at the country's only residential stop-smoking program based on the 12-step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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