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• सौतेली माता
step:    कदम थोड़ी दूरी
mother:    महन्तिन उद्गम
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  1. She was left to the care of an immature neglectful step mother.
  2. Sash leaves to live in London with Lauren and her step mother.
  3. The step mother and sister take the items, without a word of thanks.
  4. Sager and her sisters, Esther and Naomi, were raised by their step mother Hannah.
  5. The title translates into English as " step mother ".
  6. Her step mother always tortured her both mentally and physically.
  7. Bella then accused her ex-step mother Brenda who ordered it.
  8. Also, Rennyo frequently quarreled with his step mother, Nyoen ( d . 1460 ).
  9. Panchami, Chembankunju's younger daughter, leaves home to join Karuthama, on arrival of her step mother.
  10. Naimat Khan's daughter was murdered by Daniyal's step mother.
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