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  1. Stecca had won five fights in a row since losing to Callejas, all by knockout.
  2. Fighting for Mexico, Lopez lost in the gold-medal match to Italy's Maurizio Stecca.
  3. Stecca won five fights in a row, all by knockout, putting himself on title contention once again.
  4. In 1989 he took on Maurizio Stecca for the newly created WBO Featherweight Title, but lost in a 6th-round TKO.
  5. Ahead on the scorecards, Stecca received a punch that lifted him off the floor, sending him to the air before he landed on his knees.
  6. The organization operated under the principle of the " " stecca para " ", which meant members obtained equal shares and lived off dividends gained from the criminal association.
  7. He won the WBO Featherweight Title later that year by beating Maurizio Stecca by TKO, but lost the belt the following year in a close decision loss in a rematch with P�ez.
  8. Amongst the fighters he handled were : Rocky Mattioli, Miguel Angel Cuello, Chartchai Chionoi, Pedro Carrasco, Francesco Damiani, Maurizio Stecca, Francesco De Piccoli, and Salvatore Burruni.
  9. Among the boxers he faced during the last part of his career were future world Bantamweight champion Mauricio Stecca, former world Bantamweight champion Calvin Grove, Seung-Hoon Lee and Pedro Decima.
  10. With a defense against Puerto Rican " Victor Luvi Callejas " looming ahead, Cruz went to Italian Loris Stecca, was stopped in round 12, therefore losing the WBA world junior featherweight title.

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