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  1. This type of standpipe may also be installed horizontally on bridges.
  2. The tanks supply water to standpipes that in turn supply fire hoses.
  3. The original eastern cantilever span had firefighting dry standpipes installed.
  4. The standpipes were removed in the 2000A, increasing fuel capacity by.
  5. A dry standpipe comprises a fire department connection, e . g.
  6. Rural water supply was mostly through standpipes that provided water for free.
  7. As a result, the operator cut off water supply to standpipes.
  8. Similarly, the tunnels have only limited water standpipe connections for fire suppression.
  9. Known as the Belton Standpipe, the tower is still in use today.
  10. Its water was also distributed to residents through standpipes positioned in each district.
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  1. a vertical pipe

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